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Giveaway Rules and Guidelines

Every Purchase is an Entry to Win!!

First Place: Choice of $900 or a MSI 3070

Second Place: Winners Choice of a SecretLabs Chair

Model Packs give you Double entries

(Patreons & Premium members will get 4x entries)


There will be 3 tier packs

Pack one will be "2 for $20" 4 entries PATREONS & premium members get 8

Pack two will be "4 for $30" 6 entries PATREONS & premium members get 12

Pack three will be "6 for $50" 10 entries PATREONS & premium members get 20


The packs will be of limited supply


If packs are to sell out fast you can still use memberships and other instore purchases to get more entries for the giveaway --> there will be a timeframe from the day we start (30 days) after that a winner will be randomly picked "RNG APP" there is no limit on how many entries you can get. when time is up we will tally how many total entries, we will use a method with a spreadsheet and RNG app to find out who will be the winners.

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